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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 5, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

9:00 pm remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: for most americans a startling aspect of the attempted times square bombing is the fact that the suspect faisal shahzad managed to become an american citizen. as it turns out he chartered a rocky road to citizenship. after spending 10 years in the country on student and employment visas, business week reports that he would become an american citizen through marriage. he married an american woman in 2009. not uncommon for terrorists who target americans. convicted in the world trade center attack married an american to an individual deportation. one of the men convicted of the '98 bombings in kenya and tanzania obtained citizenship after marrying three different american women. the list goes on on. do these examples make the
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case for stricter immigration laws? joining me the author of culture of corruption, michelle malkin. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> sean: america's homeland security amnesia never ceases to amaze in the aftermath of this. you wrote a great column explain what you meant by that >> thanks. it never ceases to amaze me when you have pundits in the aftermath of these terror plots, shaking their heads and wondering how it is that we could have these american citizens in our midst plotting evil against their fellow citizens. the fact is, this has been a tried and true formula the modus operandi of jihadists over the last 10, 15, 20 years to get into this country any way they can, legally or illegally. walk through the front door, over stay visas, break our
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laws and buy their way towards the path to citizenship as faisal shahzad apparently did through marriage. the green marriage -- the green card marriage racket has been used by everyone from nosir who was implicated in the 1993 world trade center bombing to every one of the operatives, all eight who were implicated in the new york landmark conspiracy to bomb those landmarks in 1993 as well. hezbollah has used it for smuggling rings based in north carolina. there's always been some willing american woman to -- who will take a couple thousand dollars in cash, and then you know, basically aid and abet these evil jihadists. it's to stop. unfortunately, there's been very little attention paid not only to this marriage fraud
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but also immigration benefits fraud new general. >> sean: you go through the list. as you look, we have some up on our screen now. the conclusion that you drew, which is the same conclusion i draw here, is that jihadists have knowingly and deliberately ed our lax immigration laws, entrance policies to secure the rights and benefits of american citizenships while they plot mass murder and we haven't done a darn thing to stop them, nothing, zero. it is almost like the modus operandi of choice for these guys. >> it is their mo. i'm so sick of all of the after the fact band-aids that all of the politicians and jenny come latelies propose after -- johnny come latelies propose after the fact. joe lieberman, great guy, democrat from connecticut, the senator who has proposed stripping citizenship from jihadists after we discover they join these organizations.
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we should be making sure the state department and dhs are not handing out visas like pez candy and allowing this marriage fraud to go on in the first place. this was the lesson during the christmas day bomber as well. why did the guy have a visa in the first place? instead we are running around like chickens without our heads on figuring out how to stop them after it is ridiculous, it has to stop. >> sean: if you look at barack obama, nothing is his fault. the fact this guy on a plane and nearly got out of the country that's the emirates' fault. we have an oil spill, totally bp's fault their responsibility to clean it up even though we had a plan in place with a preapproved burning plan they totally ignored. the deficit that's george w. bush's fault. financial collapse, wall street's fault. straight down the line any opposition to barack obama care that's fox news' fault,
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talk radio's fault. incendiary language not rahmbo emanuel, every conservative. i never saw anybody never take responsibility for anything that guess wrong except in this case with this white house. >> right. the members of team mar masters at deflecting blame and demonizing enemies that is the strategy here. they demonize everyone except the demons in our midst that's the problem. they see it as a law enforcement an profit -- approach rather than be on a war footing if you do not name and identify your enemies how are you going to beat them and defeat them? we have demonizing of peace youful american citizens. we saw it in the arizona debate, with the tea party over the last year. and i think one of the ultimate signs that this administration has not learned from its mistakes in how it is
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waging this war on terror is the fact we still have janet napolitano and corrupt-0-crat eric holder still in place. >> sean: i called her sherlock napolitano. it is not funny considering the seriousness of this. we saw this with the christmas day bomber. all of the systems failed in terms of him getting on a plane and coming to america. we are going to stop him as soon as he lands. in this case this guy came within seconds, literally of taking off and getting out of this country. the argument i've made and those of us that are so passionate about the immigration laws, very simple, immigration for me a security issue. somebody can cross the border because they want a job. somebody can cross because they want to bring destruction to an american city, right? >> yeah, that's right. entrance into this country is not an entitlement. that is the basic thesis of
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what i've argued over many years since i wrote "invasion." something that washington still doesn't understand unfortunately, to our peril. >> sean: michelle malkin appreciate it. new book goes behind the scenes of the administration from the president's use of tea baggers to rom rahmbo dead fish emanuel. and interview with former first lady laura bush. what it was like to live signed the white house in the aftermath of 9/11 and much more. >> that first night of september 11, when the secret service woke us up in the mid middle of the night and said a plane is coming we ran down into the bunker.
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. >> sean: actor russell crowe is starring in the new movie robinhood apparently found in terms of the character he told a british newspaper that he's all for the rights and privileges of the ruling class being redistributed. and wants to make it happen by instituting a robinhood tax. i think they tried that in the former soviet union. didn't work out too well. hannity continues in 90 short seconds. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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from crystal light. the first fitness drink with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. new purefitness... from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. . >> sean: if you thought you knew the extent of rahm rahmbo dead fish emanuel's foul mouth you may not have scratched the surface. details in a new book bayonne than alter. it seems not even the white house dog is safe from his outburst. he was frustrated with the new puppies frequent accidents inside the white house. at one point shouted, "i'm gonna kill that expletive dog." dead fish reportedly ordered a staffer to take your f---ing
9:12 pm
tampon out and tell me what you have to say it wasn't just the little people getting it. even former president clinton was the recipient of a tirade on the campaign trail. rahm ordered him to stop acting like the f---ing hacking chief. joining me lanny davis. >> hey sean. >> sean: is that the rahmbo that you know? >> that's the f---ing rahmbo i know. >> sean: honest answer, thank you no for once. i appreciate the honesty. >> i was with rahm in the white house. we had our ups and downs. let me tell you something. he's effective. he us back the house of representatives. >> sean: i don't want to hear that. >> great job as chief of staff, but he's tough. >> sean: what if i said to somebody, tucker, any talk
9:13 pm
show host conservative on the radio and television said take your f---ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say, what would the reaction be? >> there is a certain irony here this former ballet dancer running around using tough guy language. all these sensitive men standing around talking like soldiers. there's something kind of comedic and maybe a little sad. i sympathize with rahm in the case of former president clinton who did cause a lot of problem force the obama people during the campaign. i can see his frustration. >> sean: to my point especially if that case, take the tampon out? why will i think is going to like everything else, there's a double standard that exists. >> it is a great question where are all the feminists? that is clearly a slur against not just some women but all women on planet earth, billions of women ought to be
9:14 pm
offended by that >> sean: that and the president himself it is reported in this book using the pejorative tea baggers with a sexual connotation, lanny in case you didn't know. >> i didn't. >> sean: yes you did you knew darn well what that was. i can tell by the look in your eye. >> i have no idea. >> sean: you know exactly that it is meant as a pejorative. >> after the show is over i'll ask tucker what that means. barack obama says the white house spore respondents dinner about rahm pointing his finger naked and shouting at massa, welcome to my world. nobody is surprised by rahm emanuel on that side. everybody knows him to be a great friend and great chief of staff. >> sean: give good answers until you give me he's great, great, effective. >> i'm giving you both sides.
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>> sean: is this what the american people deserve from the people's house? the president of the united states, his chief of staff, the people leading this country. do we not deserve better tucker? >> here's the problem. the president just gave this long self-righteous speech about how the rest of us need to be more civil. how discourse has disintegrated and conservatives are mean and get back to the work of america and be nice to one another this is jonathan alter whose career is sucking up to barack obama he's conceding that obama used this term. it couldn't be more hypocritical. i would like to see the first white house correspondent with the guts whenever the president holds a press conference again ask him what does that mean, slain what is a tea bagger? he should be forced to explain. he should have to explain it. what is this? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: using it that way
9:16 pm
there's no doubt in my mind that the president knows what he's doing. you make an interesting point tucker. alter is a total suck-up to the obama white house, total. so lanny he's describing, if you look at some of the other details aboutwr? lawrence summe, the president, rahm rahmbo and him going rogue and peter orszag and other things, he's describing a white house that is in total chaos. he doesn't seem to have the ability -- has the ability to read a teleprompter, stay on message run a good campaign, he bamboozled a lot of people. he doesn't seem to have the ability to manage the government. is that problemmatic for him in the end? >> no, the president is doing great. health care, economy bouncing back and rahm emanuel deserves a lot of credit. i can't believe we are spending time with two thoughtful conservatives about this topic. >> sean: i spend a lot of time
9:17 pm
warning we have to balance our budget, live within our means, cut taxes not raise 'em and keep america safe. now we are talking about kay why is in your white house. >> i resent being called -- bustle. >> >> sean: that's like an expletive from rambo. next an exclusive interview with former first lady laura bush. what was it like being at the white house on 9/11. mrs. bush takes us behind the scenes of one of the deadliest days in the iraq war. >> when he was having dinner with barbara and jenna and they were laugh be and teasing and trying to have fun with him he got up and excused himself. then i found the helicopter had been shot down that day. enes of the world's most revered luxury sedan. ♪ this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars. this is the world record for longevity and endurance...
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>> sean: more than 15 months since first lady laura bush walked out of the white house at her husband's side. now she's taking americans behind the scenes of her private life. her new member war hit bookstores this week -- memoir hit bookstores this week. i sat down with the former first lady. welcome to the hannity program, good to see. >> thank you good to see. >> sean: i last saw your husband days before he left the white house. i walked away with the observation he was really, really ready to go and at peace with all that he had accomplished as president. how was it for you? >> i felt the same way, really. i think because you know january 20th, the day you are sworn in four years later you are going to move out, there's sort of an acceptance to it. really an anticipation of the next part of your life.
9:23 pm
certainly for when i started shopping for houses in dallas and started looking forward to going back to texas, that's how we both felt. >> sean: you look at a lot of athletes the transition. you are in this world where it is second by second, hour by hour, day-by-day, a lot of excitement. and all of a sudden the faucet gets turned off. it is tough for people. >> i didn't have trouble with that i'm sure george did i worried about what his transition would be although he didn't seem like it. but you are right you go from every problem in the world on your desk to nothing. >> sean: literally the weight of the world is on your shoulders now off. look, you still watch news events, we were talking about it a little in the green room. your husband's name comes up a lot. almost used as a pejorative, especially by the left in the country. you find that frustrating? >> of course, anyone would if it was their husband who was talked about in that way.
9:24 pm
but i don't notice that so much now. it is not so much now. year and a few months after we left. >> sean: it seems both of you made a conscious decision the president has said so publicly, although he's giving speeches with bill clinton, which i find interesting. you made a conscious decision, both of you that you were not going to comment publicly on the current administration. why did you make that decision? >> george really thinks that's the obligation of all former presidents. not to second guess the current president. that it is undermining, undermining in front of our allies and people who might not be our allies around the world other foreign leaders. when we speak in the united states, it is really best for us to speak in one voice. so he decided not to do that he's not in politics any more. he says he's finished with politics. he's still interested in working on policy from the bush institute that is going
9:25 pm
to be part of the bush library. but politics over. >> sean: it's the world's toughest job. i believe in american exceptionalism i think the weight of the world is on your shoulder in that position. write about it in the book what was some of the tougher times you describe 9/11 as one of those tough times. what were some of your tougher moments, tougher times in the white house, for you? >> the ones i wrote about in the book obviously september 11, and all the days and months that followed. especially in the first few days and weeks when after september 11th, when i went to the memorial and for flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania with all of these families who had lost the person they loved best. george and i met with other people, after we started going to new york, different people from new york who had lost people. we visited people who were
9:26 pm
injured in the pentagon, colonel birdwell the one who saluted with his hands wrapped with the band age and saluted george such a sweet and meaningful moment for both of us. those were all difficult days. the worry that we had bottle of us had after that about another attack. when george was listening to the chatter, you know reading the threat reports and i knew what it was. he didn't come home and tell me he didn't try to make me worry. he knew i was worried enough. but i could tell a lot of times from his face when he was especially worried. >> sean: could you tell when he was worry. there's a particularly tough day during the iraq war he is supposed to have dinner with you and the girls and --? >> they were laughing and teasing and trying to get him joke and have fun he got up and excused himself. i told them a helicopter had
9:27 pm
been shot down that day in iraq. >> sean: he took a lot of this hard. i was with him on campaign trail in 2004 in florida. i know he went into a backroom, i watched him go. i saw -- it seemed to me when he came out very emotional, todd beamer's dad was there, todd beamer known for let's roll in the flight that went down in pennsylvania. he took a lot of this hard. >> of course. you can't help it. that's the most difficult thing to know that you are the one who gave the orders for our troops to go into harm's way. it not was not something we expected. you know expect that if you are going to run for president that's possible. but we, when george ran for office he ran on nearly all domestic issues on tax cuts and on education reform and those were the issues that we thought we would be dealing with the most. then after september 11th,
9:28 pm
everything maked -- changed for us and our crip you >> sean: -- and our country. >> sean: he was a war president. and the eight years that he was there. you describe many instances in the book where you, your family, were brought to bunkers. one instance in particular you described where you were being brought to you a bunker you had your staff and the secret service said not the staff and you said the staff is coming as well. that became a way of life for you? >> i write about every time it was just a handful of time it wasn't always that we went to the bunker. every time we did it was either a plane that had strayed into the protected air space by mistake like when nancy reagan was with me at the white house. >> sean: you decided to take the elevator because you didn't want her walking downstairs.
9:29 pm
>> i didn't want her walking down the flights. or it was one of her planes. that first night of september 11th, when the secret service woke us up in the middle of the night and said a plane is coming, we ran down to the bunker. when we to the bottom they said it's one of ours. there was something comforting about that because we had that military cap, those jet planes that flew over washington for a long time after september 11th, i think you had them in new york as well. >> sean: you describe something in the book. i don't remember if it was talked about at the time. i was trying to jog my memory. when saddam's sons udai and qusay were captured and troops captured the baghdad mansion, there were pictures of your daughters all over the rooms of one of the sons and that really got to you. you didn't tell your daughters about it.
9:30 pm
>> an agent told me, i was in austin, to visit jenna. he just pulled me aside and said this was the report that was you just coming out. and the american troops had pulled them down. pulled the pictures down. >> sean: why did you decide not to tell your daughters? >> i didn't want to worry them. the same time george didn't tell me every time he was worried, i didn't want to worry them. >> sean: more with my interview with laura bush when he confronts the president about a personal issue early in their marriage. and discusses her work on behalf of afghan women. >> after september 11th, when everyone's eyes turned to afghanistan, women were shocked, american women were shocked. we couldn't imagine the contrast it was so stark between our lives and the lives of the women of afghanistan. hey -- who's our best presentatioguy? carl.
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at iowa lakes community college, students are learning how to keep wind turbines working. and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high-voltage meters is a duracell rechargeable. duracell. trusted everywhere. >> sean: coming up my interview continues. she reveals how george w. bush dealt with the stress and describes in chilling detail the emotional day that changed her life forever. >> the person in the other car was one of my best friends who i've known for years. >> sean: more of my interview with former first lady laura bush in 90 short seconds.
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>> sean: we continue with the author of "spoken from the heart." former first lady laura bush. you were tough on him. you talk about the time when he's 40. i think he had one bourbon, one beer and one after dinner drink. >> i don't know it was one. >> sean: so he would have bourbon, beer and an after dinner drink or drinks. you confronted him in a pretty tough way. you said you're not being the
9:35 pm
man you could be. >> we talked about it a lot. it wasn't just one time. we had talked about it for a while. then we went to the broadmore party it was our birthday as well as a lot of friends with us all of us were turning 40 that year. i said he the barbell and decided to quit drinking. in fact, a lot of things led up . he met with billy graham when were in maine when billy graham was visiting the bushes. he started in a bible study class with don evans and a lot of other men that are friends of our in midland. then our girls were four. his dad was thinking about running for president. there were a lot of things that made it easier for him to stop all at once than it is for a lot of people. >> sean: you were pretty hard on him. >> i was but i wasn't going to leave him and i wasn't going
9:36 pm
to let him leave me, with twins. >> sean: that is not going to happen. you say he often didn't bring home a lot of problems of the presidency. were there moments, were there times where he would reach out to you? i would think that would be a natural thing and say what do you think? >> we talked about issues. he had been talking about those same issues with experts all day. >> sean: home was a refuge. >> yeah the home was a place probably not to automatic about as much and relax with each other, which we did. and just to have the comfort of each other's presence. just to you try to have some normalcy and some time to breathe in those kinds of days that were so high pressure and so tense and so worrisome for both of us. both worried about another attack as well as worrying about our troops everyday. >> sean: you talk about the sharia law the plight of afghani women in particular in the book.
9:37 pm
one thing i never understood, maybe you have thoughts on it. the left in this country, democrats in this country, often pro claim the mantle or grab the mantle they stand for women's rights. here was the liberation of a lot of women in iraq and afghanistan. your husband never got any credit for that >> i don't know that he didn't get credit, i think he did. >> sean: from the left. >> i know from speaking to american women everywhere, i think after september 11th, when everyone's eyes turned to afghanistan, women were shocked. american women were shocked. we couldn't imagine the contrast it was so stark between our lives and the lives of the women of afghanistan. the very idea that a government would forbid women and girls from being educated is really shocking to us. i knew and saw you all over the country, american women who wanted to do something. who wanted to help in some way. and i still see it.
9:38 pm
when i talk just hosted the u.s.-afghan women's conference at the bush institute in dallas at smu many women from across the country wanted to be part of it. and they want the women there to be success youful. one of the things that i know about americans that i think is different from a lot of other countries, that is, we want other countries to succeed. we want to see women succeed in afghanistan. >> sean: it is in our best interests. >> only we want other countries to succeed. i think we'll have a more peaceful world when we see that >> sean: if there is more liberty and freedom it is in our best interests as they are successful out in looking -- not as inclined or susceptible to the appeals of extremists, because they are pursuing their dreams and their hopes and their desires. you get very personal in the
9:39 pm
book. you tell a story about in car accident that you had a pretty young age. in which the driver of the other car was killed. tell us about that. >> well, this was when i was 17-years-old. it was two days after my 17th birthday. i picked up a friend to go to the drive-in. like a lot of 17-year-olds i hadn't looked in the paper to see what was playing so we started driving around to drive-by one theater to see what was there. we were on a dark two-lane highway that ends in the highway to lubbock with just a stop sign. i to the corner before i saw the stop sign. i didn't see it my friend in the car said there's the stop sign by then it was too late. even the chances that there would be another car in the intersection were small, because it's, midland was not a big town neither road was highly trafficked. and then the chance that the
9:40 pm
person in the other car was one of my best friends who i had known for years. >> sean: a very good friend. you talked to her on the phone all the time for hours. you talk about summer that your parents made aid decision for you that you wouldn't go to the funeral. you had never spoken to the family before. >> i never did. no one ever suggested it, really even mother and daddy and they did go to the douglas' house the next morning after the car accident. i don't know if that's why they didn't -- if they knew the douglas' grief was so pro fond they thought it would be too hard on me. i know that's how profound their was, it would be for anyone. but it ruined their life. >> sean: you lost your faith. >> i did. the whole time i was in my mind please god, please god, please god. >> sean: was this cathartic. to be able to write about it? >> not really. i don't know there's a way --
9:41 pm
i mean i guess -- >> sean: you seem it -- >> i think that's what people did in 1963 west texas no one ever suggested that i talk to anyone a pastor or counselor or anyone. and really i didn't want to talk about it i wanted to put it out of my mind. >> sean: but it never went out of your mind. >> of course not. >> sean: interesting you describe things similar to my background. when your father would talk about world war ii or the images he of the holocaust my father never talked about an world war ii, something would happen my parents lost a daughter to sids. i didn't find out until i was way older that happened. they let it go and didn't talk very much about it. >> i think that was the characteristics at the time that you just didn't complain, stiff upper lip. just went on.
9:42 pm
>> sean: to listen to excerpts from "spoken from the heart" head to our great, great, great american panel is next.
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>> sean: he's worked at the "washington post" as an editorial writer, also the author of the "new york times" best selling book "enough" juan williams. columnist, noelle nikpour. co-host of the opie and anthony show, opie never shows up on this program because he's chicken, anthony cumia. what is up with opie? we ask him again and again he doesn't like me? >> i think he thinks you are going to do him in. >> sean: he supported and voted for obama. >> i don't think he acknowledged that was a bad decision. >> sean: i can't believe he's going to be a dad. >> although it will jut be me and jimmy doing the show while he's out. >> sean: uh-oh that means the show becomes triple x rated.
9:47 pm
democratic senator campaign committee e-mailed supporters to sign a petition to stand with president obama to hold bp accountable. biggest single recipient of bp money is obama, like goldman sachs. they are going to raise money off an environmental disaster is that shameless or not? jewel at politicians do it. they are trying to take advantage of american populousism. >> sean: oil spill every american ought to care about. >> they are trying to raise money. they are saying people support the president and take on big oil and bp. >> do you think they are caring about the environment? when you sign the petition it takes you to a contributor page. why don't they, instead of doing something like that why don't they send out an e-mail saying send donations to a relief fund or something to help? and using a quote from rush limbaugh who people hate any
9:48 pm
way. >> sean: we need to clarify. liberals hate. conservatives like me love rush. >> they are preying upon that to get their message across. it is wrong. >> both sides play that game. and both sides say if you hate government support this republican candidate. >> sean: they are exploiting a national tragedy for financial gain. >> no. >> this administration is constantly taking whatever situation pops up and trying to garner support. trying to get mailing lists which is what they do also. i hear they want people to mail in so they could e-mail them back during elections and give us money. they are using it, i seriously think because they are grabbing at straws. they know when november rolls around, it is gonna hurt. >> republicans have never used scare tactics to raise money? never happens. >> does that mean it is okay for the democratic senator committee to jump onboard
9:49 pm
because republicans have done it? they shouldn't be doing it. >> they don't use things like abortion or that young woman dying in florida? >> sean: i a question. we are now told it is up to 60,000 barrels a day leaking from this thing. obama was late to help out and assist his administration was slow, you admitted that recently. you think they were way slow they weren't there from day one as they claim. he's the biggest recipient of bp dollars like goldman sachs. you don't see anything incestuous in this? >> this is a two-way street. wall street gives more money to republicans. >> more to obama >> so what, they give both sides comparable sums. not like one is huge and one is not. >> instead of criticizing bp they should be trying to work together. government and private sector needs to work together. they are pitting them against each other. >> bp told us the leak was sphaulter, under control
9:50 pm
initially and allowed new to get out of control. >> is >> is that accuse to wait this long to take care of that? >> it is coming from all sides. people think the president made the decision allowed the drilling and maybe that encouraged him -- >> he's great at finger-pointing i've noticed this. >> sean: instead of looking for a solution the finger-pointing, bp is to blame. they seem to be at the beginning of getting this under control. >> they are pumping some oil out. it is not going to happen overnight. it's an accident. they happen. instead of pointing fingers let's work the problem through. >> democratic senator committee needs to stop banking on someone's tragedy. >> absolutely. >> sean: we have to take a break. a florida senator caught on tape looking at porn while they are debate abortion. we'll get to that by the way, the phoenix sun changing the name in opposition of the phoenix law on immigration.
9:51 pm
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. >> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. we've got the florida state senator mike bennett. he got caught looking at porn. we have video. there he is looking at porn we'll he's on the senate floor. it was sent to him by a woman who happens to be a former court add traitor that makes a big -- that's a great excuse. you get paid to do that, anthony. >> absolutely. wow that is a stupid move. by the way those girls look familiar. guests on our program.
9:56 pm
>> ahh! >> in this day and age there's cameras everywhere that was a dumb move. i'm not saying it is something people don't do. i don't know what anyone in this room does on their off hours. [ talking over each other ] >> i do not look at porn. i don't do it. >> it is a public place. this guy is incredibly dumb. then he wants to use an excuse that someone sent the e-mail and he was innocently opening it. >> you are missing the point. he said he was doing this because he was bored and they were debate ago abortion bill. he never apologized. did you guys notice it. he never said i'm sorry this was distasteful. >> the apology is the most ensign sear thing.
9:57 pm
-- ensign sear thing. >> he shouldn't have apologized. sean says he doesn't watch porn more people watch porn than hollywood movies. your show is fun with having sex. they are hypocrites. >> sean: you leave hbo or cinemax on and you wake up in the middle of the night and that's not what i was watching. >> when i had teenaged boys -- >> sean: there's this crazy show called "real sex." i can't believe how sick people are. >> jersey and these housewives shows. when you have teenaged boys and you go downstairs and it is 1:00 in the morning it is unbelievable what is on these channels. >> sean: i fall asleep, wake up, i'm like honey did you put that on? >> today, you know what e-mails look like that legit. you are -- if you got a computer for a month you know
9:58 pm
what not to click on. >> sean: phoenix suns are going to wear jerseys in the game the owner has spoken out. >> is that for cinco de mayo or also for the -- >> to honor the latino community of the >> sean: direct response to the arizona law. obviously, i read his column, he hasn't read the law. it doesn't do what he says will do. >> day my team becomes political activists i'm done. >> all-star game another sporting event taken out of arizona. you try politicize everything, anything that is popular. i honestly since my teams up until now, if a police officer asks for identification, i give it to them. in 42 states you have to. if i was doing something wrong he writes me up if i'm not i go on my merry way. i don't see a difference.
9:59 pm
>> you don't see the difference? skin color might be the difference. >> i'm sorry mexicans are browner than white people that's the way it is. they are the ones that are illegally coming over the border. >> you think there are no mexicans who are light skinned? >> i'm not covering everything. i'm just saying because a majority of the people that going to be sent back are brown-skinned does not make them racist. it makes them mexican, here illegally. >> governor brewer has amened the law to try to make joret shall profiling -- >> sean: the initial law specifically prohibited racial profiling. >> but it encouraged officers to engage in this kind of activity. >> sean: only if you are under law enforcement jurisdiction already. >> they are not against legal immigration. >> just quickly, this law is not going to make arizona safer. it just allows for divisive


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